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Jumat, 19 November 2010

between you

it's you who are so mother-hearted.
adorable to see you around us. no one thinks you're bad because you're always nice.
you have him. and you are so strong to have him not responding to yours. but your heart still there waiting for sure.

it's you who are so excellent.
people ask so many things to you just because you can solve anything logically. but when you can't you honestly say it then.
you have someone that just into you. but you are still standing to protect your heart from any broken and you really do yours.

it's you who are so unexpected.
we see you as so much different one. but you can do many better than us. and you are so fresh about anything that come from your mind.
you have deep feeling to him who are so great, unreachable for simple. but you can still believe in yourself and pray you can get the best as him.

i lost mine.
now i just have nothing like you.
glad for you girls... =)

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