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Senin, 19 September 2011

Unforgettable Moment in this September

I've been in so many places this year. It just suddenly started and I would like to never stop it. I like it anyway. In good ways, in my ways. As long as I still be me. And I am. Maybe better? Out of topic. LOL.

In September 18th and 19th, I went to Seribu Island, specifically Pramuka Island. And I have our moment in Semak Daun Island. We have some problems. But I still could enjoy the trip. Turns out I actually had so much fun in it. Just like our last trip. Even we don't have the same member again, it still is a FUN!

The dark skies in Bandung. Long highway road. The stinky smells. Boat Ship, Bhumi Wari. Those nice skies in Semak Daun. Those skies above the sea. Colorful fishes. 
Upset. Angry. Madness and Laughing then. The freaky Madness and those great Laughing. Love them. Adore them. 

Clock never stops ticking.
I love those moments, those write here or not.

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