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Selasa, 01 November 2011

REAL STEEL : the real climax !!!

It feels always like this one below during the movie..
Awesome right? Right? Cool~ That's Zeus anyway. A very awesome robot. It's big. And very black. Very much black. But it's not the main character. Atom is. Well, I don't put Atom's pic, because it looks usual, like the other robots. Maybe cute a little bit. For appearances, Zeus will always win. It's so freaking awesome. YEAH~!

about the movie, it's worth to watch. Keep your adrenaline up and make you hold your breathe. Every scene of it. For a melancholic one, it also can make your tears out. 'Cause the effort this movie showing is much. Max and Atom fight for their will from the bottom until they can get the world's attention. For Max, to get his father attention, too. You can feel the effort if you watch it with your attention fully. What else will make your tears out? The bond from the father-son relationship. How Charlie left Max for a long time. How Max face his father after not having him for such a long time. And how they finally meet and bond each other. Even they are crying!!! And the plot ends when we are in our highest adrenaline's beat. Well, it makes me give that movie into a very good movie for all the time. You don't have to think about how it will end, 'cause it just ends.

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