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Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012

After A Long Time Has Gone

I still wondering why they hated me so much in that time.

Have been questioning few of them about this though. I knew but I can become not sure again. Especially when I get in the new environment. I will think about that time a lot. And worried that might be happened anymore.

I am thinking.
That as long as I try my best, that might not be happened anymore.
That I can use my ability to see how an environment works and prevent anything bad earlier.
That I can try as soon as I can to overcome the situation when it goes anywhere bad.
That God stays here with me, protect me from anything bad, and teach me some valuable lessons from life.

Then I am fine.
Because bad thing happened. Shit happened.
Because there is a demon in the world. Even in your heart.
But I will gonna be just fine.

I will be questioning again, why those shit things happened.
But until then, I also will be alive, enjoying my life.
Things happen and it matters.
But life is a choice, enjoy or lose it?

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