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Selasa, 20 November 2012

The Sagas !!!

There's always a pros and cons from something. Books, songs, movies, and else. So does the twilight saga of course. A world wide novel about a vampire story, how can't it won't caused any pros and cons. Call me a admirer from the story. And we'll recall the saga since the beginning until the last part.

The novel. It's a little bit strange to realize that there's vampire live between us. But the writer -as here is Stephenie Meyer- can make the reader brought into the plot and imagine the story as real. And it easy to read. I was enjoying reading that book. Well, I think, these side from the writer that make the story goes world wide.
The movie. Become something that the fans have been waiting for. So, be ready for some judging. Unfortunately, the books mention many perfect character that must be so hard to be realized. So, first movie is good enough to show us who become Bella, her family, and her friends, Edward and his family, and of course, Jake. Also show how is Bella's house look like, vampire's house look like, the school look like, and don't forget about the beach! But the make up is sooo bad. Especially when you can compared it with the newer movies. Check it out:
Their pose are too
The skin become not so natural

New Moon.
The novel. Is a very heartbreaking story since most of the part is moments when Edward left Bella for her own sake. Although they won't be separable in the end. Still a good story though. Besides, we have werewolf now. So, you can start to enjoy this 'fiction' story that keep complaining about how a vampire is not exist.
The movie. Look at the Lautner's muscles! They are adorable. The sucks thing about this movie is suddenly, for me, Jake become more gentleman that Edward. Though I think it is true as the story told us. But I wanna see Rob's muscles too! And not seeing it in this movie. Not as good as Lautner's. But the make up team did a better job in this movie. Well overall, the story is good enough to see. Hey, what do you expect from a movie that based on a thick book? Good enough is more than enough, I think.
There's still Jacob though no Edward
Light Shape of the Muscles. Or Else?
Better look from vampire family, yeay!

The novel. This is the worst novel from the saga. Just because reading it feels like Bella is cheating with Jake from Edward. Hell no! Edward has done bad enough in New Moon, but he's still the true gentleman. So I don't like this novel though Meyer has done a good story in it.
The movie. The light is too dark I think. I don't like Bella so much in this story. Period. But there's no fun being just contras, so I'll write the thing that I like most from this movie. Well, it is adorable seeing the werewolf are worked together with the vampires. Cool enough seeing pretty creatures like them, LOL.
Jake or Edward?
Edward or Jake?

Breaking Dawn.
The novel. Love it. Totally love it. I just spent two or three days to read this book untill the end. Immediately wondering about how reneesme gonna look like. Also wondering about the honeymoon and Esme Island, of course. Well, years past and I'm still speechless to describe about this book, about my feeling towards this book. Totally worth it!
The movie.
Part I. I actually cannot describe my feeling when I finally saw Edward and Bella's graduation, their wedding, their honeymoon, and the scary period when Reneesme still in Bella's belly. Undesribeable! :')

Before there's Reneesme
"Forever is only the beginning"

Part II. Make my adrenaline work faster, when I watched it and when I remember it. Tags is so true: the epic finale that will live forever... Well, what I like most from this saga is the people inside it become far better that the first sequel. They become much more adorable. All thumbs up. And tears come out. Epic that stays forever...
Last Awesome Battle!
"The Epic Finale that will live Forever"

So, what I think is that is worth to wait this story. No matter what people say. The last part will always break your heart.

But stay forever...

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