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Selasa, 13 November 2012

Your 23rd Birthday

Dear love,

How are you today? Must be busy as usual.
What will you do there, hanging out in the lab or taking a little bit more expensive food? For your own exciting celebration.

I would love to congratulate you last night, but too sleepy to reach the midnight at your time or 10 p.m. in my time. So,
Happy birthday! May your wish come true. Be safe and stay healthy in somebody else's country. Get what you need and succeed in what you want. Always love and protect your family, though you can't do it with your hand but you do that with your heart. Never forget to 'have a chat' with and praying to Allah. Then Allah will always stay by your side, wherever you are. And hopefully the way you love me must be one of the ways you love Allah. Because I do, too.
Yeah, that's only one paragraph I want to say. I could be more than that but words just can describe that far. That Allah loves you. That's why I love you. The simplest way to say.

You're only 23rd once. Please enjoy it well. Wherever you are. Don't worry about getting lonely or missing your family. They never leave you. They stay in your heart. All you need to do is feel your warm heart. And then you'll see them.

Love you,
Your heart.

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