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Selasa, 21 September 2010

The Lost Piece

I just try to figure out even maybe i don't really know about my depression. I realize that it comes from boy again. The boy i liked. Well, actually i don't know what i feel about him. I called love but i think it's not.

I met him accidentally. Unplanned. But when i point my finger to him, my heart just trapped on him too. *the drama queen story just begun* It's just a simple story because i don't want memorize him anymore although i miss him sometimes. I pretended to be my other's name that maybe the world even don't know. I tried to being his friend in the wrong way until i made him hating me so much. I cried for him. I accepted all the his rejection with nothing except my deep 'good' feeling about him. And it's suck. However, the feeling made me complete. And i lose it.

I can be not sure about my feeling to someone easily right now. There're so much uncertainty things like that, for me. Slowly but sure, of course, i'll find those feelings anymore. One by one, i don't know when it started, but i find some of them. The newest is the passion i felt about someone. Moments when he held my hand. I loves that kind of feeling. Fill me inside. 

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